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Seven Ways to Make Pay-Per-Click Pay

By Diana Ransom

If you owned a web site, you wouldn't think so. SEO stands for search engine optimization, a process that seeks to boost a site's traffic by helping it rise within a search engine's organic, or un-paid, search results. It is often seen as the Holy Grail for Internet marketers, as people tend to click those links over their paid counterparts. However, the conversion rate—that is, the number of shoppers that turn from browsers to buyers—tends to be lower in organic search listings... read more

How search marketing can help your online reputation

Shaoolian: Before committing to working with you, potential customers usually will use search to find your company name and the names of key executives and employees. What they find in the search results will help determine whether you will win a new customer or whether someone will be driven away by negative comments and an overall negative perception... read more

How to Approach Your Social Media Campaigns, Intelligently

You wouldn’t dream of starting a business without a plan. So why do so many business owners start social media campaigns without any real planning or strategy? Typically, they start blogging, Tweeting, building Facebook pages and checking in on Foursquare simply because everyone else is doing it... read more

Just because you build it doesn't mean they'll come

By Megan Hilts

Many of the clients who come to us are small-business owners, entrepreneurs and startups. While they are almost all intelligent, driven and savvy businesspeople, when it comes to understanding how the web works, a great majority have no idea how to use the web to their business's advantage... read more